Before you read anything – this is a pet project on a backburner. I’ll get it put together after I get a lot of other things finished. It’s a priority, though. I will finish this f’er this year.

Candid Tam is yet another internet trash receptacle of opinion. It’s just one more personal website out of the billions, “cleverly” contrived in order to showcase some callous chick’s attempts at a successful existence. Welcome!

And no, I can’t give you back your five-minutes of time wasted.
Get over it.

Here’s my prediction – If you’ve made it this far, like you actually clicked on the “About” link, then you’ve probably committed yourself to fully detest or appreciate my dry sense of humor and candidness. In my own defense, I’d prefer to not be hated but what can I do? If you stupidly subscribe to life’s little labels of “pessimist” or “optimist,” then we’re going to butt heads. That goes for political labels too. Those terms belong to the good ol’ boy club of passive manipulation and denial. A simple minded club that I don’t subscribe too.

If you must buy in to these labels, then maybe it would make you feel better if I told you I’m an optimistic pessimist. Now go have your smoke.

So who am I really? Like you honestly care – this is more of me talking to myself…

I’ve been professionally working in all aspects of media for a decade.
I write with a preference towards human rights, civil rights, and the lofty premise of equality.

I’m a producer in film, television and documentary.
I’m a videographer and video editor.
I’m a merchant… sort of.
I’m artsy and shit.

I’m also a military brat, a recovering foul mouthed misanthrope, and am a survivor or every sort of abuse you could think of. I’ve lived in drug houses, straight edged NFL lawyer’s homes, and foster homes. I’ve traveled the world all my life. I know everyone from just about every existence. I’m usually a darling but if I perceive you’re illiterate and are domineering, I’ll fuck you up.

Ultimately, my goal in life is to struggle to convince myself that nihilism is bullshit everyday.

This “About Me” is where I’m supposed to try and explain to you why the fuck my opinion matters over the other hundred billion people in this world…

I’ll get back to you on this. Till then, take your dose of sunshine like a good person and move along.

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