Old Stuff to Keep

Xander Crews Faxing Glitter

You can’t fax glitter.

I just wasted a whole Wednesday making this for the internet. Enjoy it, fuckers. read more

Either Update it or Fuck it


The “Go Vote” Rant

>rant< 19% voter turn out… Fucking Abysmal. Here’s the deal, assholes – YOU CAN’T HAVE YOUR CAKE AND EAT IT TOO. You don’t think what was on the ballot was worth your vote? Here’s the trick: It’ll stay that way … read more

New Stuff To Organize

Archive: Representing Chicago’s First Black Mayor

Americans identify with Chicago as the city of giant shoulders and not so modestly, the city that works. Naturally, like any other prominent metropolitan area, a majority of Chicago was built on the ideas of migrants. Men like Alton Miller, … read more