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You can’t fax glitter.

I just wasted a whole Wednesday making this for the internet. Enjoy it, fuckers. read more

Either Update it or Fuck it

Ol' McDonald

The “Go Vote” Rant

The “Go Vote” Rant By: Whiskey Tango, 2013 ::Here’s your disclaimer. If you don’t like “potty language,” it’s probably time to become an adult. If that hasn’t happened yet the you should avoid a very poignant piece on why you … read more

New Stuff To Organize

ppcorn twentytwowords

The Only Way Out of the Violence is to #EndRadicalization

If we want to stop unnecessary violence, start by dealing with the radicalization of individuals and hate groups. First, let’s square off on what radicalization is. In the face of such a serious topic which ultimately results in death and … read more