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Unanswered Questions For Occupy

I can’t seem to get a straight answer for any of these questions related to Occupy: 1. How can I trust a group who chooses GA over a democratic voting process?   2. How can I trust a group who … read more


When To Not Tip Your Waiter?! Really?

Waaaaaah! You don’t like the service you got at nasty ass Dennys from the girl who makes poverty of a living. This rant is in response to a fucking hideous post and comments I saw at that affiliate sales driven, … read more


NATO + Reuters = LIES

Today a friend of mine put two links up on their Facebook page along with a quick post indicating some sort of outrage – and here’s exactly why … And you can follow the links, for the time being, as … read more


Lulz: Big Titties USA Turned My Night Upside-down

Breaking News in Lulz!!!! Before I send this over to www.damnyouautocorrect.com I wanted to post it here first. This shit had me laughing out loud for a good 30-minutes. Almost non-stop. And let me just say a few things: 1. I … read more