Old Stuff to Keep


You can’t fax glitter.

I just wasted a whole Wednesday making this for the internet. Enjoy it, fuckers. read more

Either Update it or Fuck it

Ol' McDonald

The “Go Vote” Rant

The “Go Vote” Rant By: Whiskey Tango, 2013 ::Here’s your disclaimer. If you don’t like “potty language,” it’s probably time to become an adult. If that hasn’t happened yet the you should avoid a very poignant piece on why you … read more

New Stuff To Organize


An update to the weird stuff I’ve ingested in Hong Kong and Singapore…

  Gong Gong                           13. Something’s heart or kidney on a stick Dried Squid                           14. Chili Crab Prawn Fritters                        15. Honey Dew Juice Peanut Ice Ka-Chan              16. Nasi Lemak Chendol                         … read more