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Xander Crews Faxing Glitter


19% voter turn out... Fucking Abysmal.

Here's the deal, assholes - YOU CAN'T HAVE YOUR CAKE AND EAT IT TOO.

You don't think what was on the ballot was worth your vote? Here's the trick: It'll stay that way the more you ignore the process. Because the only people who do come out religiously to vote are the shit heads you're fed up with, and they know it. The only way to get them out, is TO FUCKING VOTE.

And YES it's going to take time to regain a majority's control of the system - ESPECIALLY after you've neglected for so long. "Ohhhh waaaah - I don't think the candidates are goooood so I'm not going out to cast my ballot." They'll NEVER be good when the system's neglected.

God forbid it takes grace, work, and patience.

And, if/when you return to the ballots after neglecting to participate in the democratic process for a while, it's also going to take a quantifiable amount of time for servant terms to flip and seats to overtly renew to get back to a healthy median - but you want it now - or nothing? Seriously, what the fuck else are you going to do? Opt for a dictatorship? Well - at this point - when you complain about government, sit on your ass and pass up your right to vote - over and over again, then that's pretty much what you're getting.

Crappy issues and shitty politicians are entrenched because you expect politics to behave instantaneously, like a McDonalds drive-thru.

You expect one election - after ignoring the process for a very long time, to fix everything. Guess what, it wont.

As entrenched as we are - you should be humble enough to get out and vote and, if the numbers ever pass 40% on election day - be excited to see a modicum of change. At this point the very problems you're "protesting" by not voting at all, will never go away - and it's YOUR FAULT.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." - Edmund Burke


Now that you’re a voting monster – take advantage of Greg Palast’s “Steal Back The Vote” guide and go do some real work.

Click the image for the rant.

Nothing irritates me more than idiots babbling incoherently about non-issues when there are real, literate items the public needs to unite on and address. And before I begin on this rant let’s clarify two things. 1. I am writing this rant as a direct response to the ignorant militance of the people I am reviewing, so yes this one is harsh, on them. But not personal. 2. Every person alive, ever – IS/was a hypocrite. Remember that. Live with it. STFU about it. Move on.

Let the show begin!

Someone, (my mother,) posted some “breast-feeding in public freedom” non-sense via my feed today. On a side-note, usually it’s some other right-wing hippy posting this type of rhetoric and I respectfully let them live that lie because this is America, and people get to say dumb shit. But this time I got lucky since it was my own mother’s posting – I finally got a chance to say my part on the whole NON-issue of militant female genitalia nazis, and boy did it feel good.

So the story is, there’s a group of “badass” ladies out there who just HATE that NO ONE can get over the idea of openly breast-feeding in public. Ohhh MY. WELL! Doooo tell. Get ready ladies. Turn your ‘Lifetime Network’ specials down because freedom is at stake here! Continuing – one “BRAVE soldier of a woman” took “the cause” to “the streets” and started a Facebook group so she could spam the world about how offended she is that she can’t just pull her tit out in public, without having the common decency to use a feeding blanket. And her message is loud and clear, “Get over it.”

I agree, kind of a dud of a message. But now that the stale balloon in the room has been identified, limping along the floor … I think it’s safe to stop holding on to its’ string. Not like it’s going anywhere.

This is where I come in. Soooo … “Get over it,” you say. Huh.

Get. Over. It… Idgaf (web search it) about gorgeous tits in my face. It’s a nice thing. But for every nice rack there’s a not so nice rack. On that flip side, I honestly don’t want to see horrid tits in my face either… which at this time, in the 21st century, usually belong to gross and socially unaware men, but I digress. Up to this point, it’s all pretty much a non-issue.

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I can’t seem to get a straight answer for any of these questions related to Occupy:

1. How can I trust a group who chooses GA over a democratic voting process?
2. How can I trust a group who says they’re for everyone but judges, character assassinates, and demonizes viable critquers? 
3. How can I trust a group to national change and opinion when they can’t even respect the immediate community?
4. How can I trust a group who says they’re for everyone but slanders rape victims who say they were raped in Occupy camps?

5. How can I trust a group who says they’re for everyone but plants their camps on middle class and lower middle class neighborhoods holding illegal Lollapalooza style concerts? How is that supposed to “stick it to the man?” You’re sticking it to the working class, actually.

6. How can I trust a group who says they’re for everyone but encourages and supports drug use and harbors drug dealers and addicts? My neighborhood’s drug crime rate has dramatically gone up in the last month Occupy moved in across the street.

7. What are you really doing to change the system? How is free rent at the tax-payer’s expense going to change corporate greed? At this point how are you not doing exactly what the corporations are doing?

8. How can I trust a group who says they’re for everyone but abuses the law and twists the meaning of the bill of rights to only benefit one group over another?

9. How can I trust a group who says they’re for everyone but easily and ungratefully forgets how the cities have bent over backwards for you? Our little community was fine with receiving you but you’re abusing the generosity.

10. How can I trust a group who says they’re for everyone but threatens violent retalliaiton if the cities try to regain the public land you’re taxing and the neighborhoods you’re abusing?

How are you actually for the people, again? Honestly.

Today a friend of mine put two links up on their Facebook page along with a quick post indicating some sort of outrage – and here’s exactly why …

And you can follow the links, for the time being, as of this post to see for yourself:



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Waaaaaah! You don’t like the service you got at nasty ass Dennys from the girl who makes poverty of a living.

This rant is in response to a fucking hideous post and comments I saw at that affiliate sales driven, “advice website,” wisegeek.com

If you were making POVERTY for a living – and knew no one in your entire country gave a shit about your survival, even though you’re getting your ass kicked paying taxes and working for a living, would you give stellar service too?

Believe it or not, some people still do… AND Oh My Fucking God, YES – some people do not! FYI, retards who think tipping should be debatable, it’s just like ANY OTHER INDUSTRY.

Let’s broaden this spectrum for the simple minded…

Regardless if it’s food, construction, an office job or fucking investors over – there are dicks in every industry and every job across the world. It’s been this way forever – and no amount of stiffing your fellow human-being will change it. And think about it FFS – whose to say that the employee is the problem? Seriously, how many bosses have made doing your job suck? How many managers have made their employees look bad? How many cheap ass business owners make employee’s lives shit? How delusional do you have to be to judge and punish one person because you can’t handle minor daily disappointments? And if you do judge – honest to God, who the fuck do you think you are?

Tipping a waiter is not a “nice thing you’re doing for them.” Tipping a waiter is YOU actually PAYING the living wage that American restaurants are too cheap to pay out.

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Reposting from a commentator on the Yahoo news forum in relation to today’s black shroud that’s descended on Wisconsin … soon to taint the country:

Union Busting
by: The Patriot

It seems that bashing unions at the expense of union workers has become popular and the sport of politicians everywhere, all under the guise of ‘saving taxpayer dollars.’ Yet if it’s truly about saving tax dollars and not merely strong arming union members and taking away their right to collective bargaining, then why hasn’t one politician at the federal, state, county or city level brought up the subject of reducing the salaries, benefits and pensions of all the politicians and appointed high level govt. positions? Some of these same Government leaders greatly contributed to the fiscal collapse we’re all facing, yet lazy and irresponsible voters have rewarded them by keeping them in office.

So what does a Governor, Congressman, Senator or State Senator, HUD Secretary, State Attorney General, District Atty, Tax Collector, Comptroller, Treasury Secretary, Judge, Obama Czar, Education Secretary, City Councilman, Sheriff or Property Appraiser earn, and how much of their pre-agreed upon wages and benefits are we going to be taking from each of them? What about the support staffs of the upper level politicians or how about the Dog Catcher, School Superintendant or Principals and others on taxpayer payrolls – how much do they make? And please tell me what justifies giving a Senator a pension for life after 4 years in office? Pensions which often include free medical care for life! And why are these pensions then passed onto their spouses upon the politicians deaths?

Also, no one has mentioned anything about going after the ‘non-union’ govt. salaries, benefits and pensions – which are very often based on what the union members have negotiated – and sometimes it’s even more – especially when they get to vote for their own raises. Attacking union bosses I suppose I can understand, because some of them act like gangsters on par with the crooked and inept politicians they’ve used union member dues to purchase. But attacking unions as it is being done is mostly hurting the union members and their families who are just trying to get by like everybody else. So if it’s really about saving taxpayer dollars and not merely a veiled attempt at busting unions for big businesses, then let’s go after all of these other groups mentioned here so we can really save taxpayer dollars – and since they’re so vocal on the idea of saving taxpayer money, let’s begin with the wealthy politicians bent on harming union families by cutting away at their negotiated paychecks, pensions and benefits.

Breaking News in Lulz!!!!

Before I send this over to www.damnyouautocorrect.com I wanted to post it here first. This shit had me laughing out loud for a good 30-minutes. Almost non-stop.

And let me just say a few things:

1. I have never typed anything about “titties,” “tatas,” “boobs,” or anything that great in my phone ever before and -
2. I’m late to the party in that I just learned there is apparently a whole big world of “Sexting” I’m missing out on and -
3. I had just met a couple of cool chicks at the bar downstairs and was texting them “Have a good NIGHT” so we had each other’s numbers …

And this is what happened:



It’s an Android.

Me too.

And that’s about it. The future is amusing some times.

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