Alex Cherry is a renowned artist based in Los Angeles with an eye for socio-political statements.

Audio: Cop Protests in DTLA

Just got home. Eating a bag of chips like the malnourished piece of shit I am when I hear the chants of hundreds of people outside my window. I am just now catching up to the war field in Dallas. I am aware of the shooting in Minnesota. And I am in love with Officer ‪‎Nakia Jones. The neighbor told me about Dallas in my elevator ride up to my apartment. As soon as I heard the chants I went to my window to see 10 other neighbors at their windows all looking down at the street. There are a lot of protestors and I can’t say I’m not proud of them. Corrupt politicians rigging the elections, proxy wars defunding our people, veterans being treated like yesterday’s rubbish, white nationalists in police uniforms, a crumbling climate… yea it’s time to get mobilized.

Sound is all right expect for my asshole piece of shit bag of chips. Sorry.

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