NATO + Reuters = LIES

Today a friend of mine put two links up on their Facebook page along with a quick post indicating some sort of outrage – and here’s exactly why …

And you can follow the links, for the time being, as of this post to see for yourself:

My Thoughts:
I love how in the Reuters planted NATO story, NATO gets to say “Oh yea, they were violent first.”

Reading that I still thought – “Uh yea right NATO – who are you trying to convince? I am so sure the protestors threw the first stone. “”Poor defenseless NATO”” … NATO peacekeepers MY ASS.”

And what do you know?

I click on the second link and my suspicions … confirmed.

Not that I can read cyrillic languages but the photo cropping lie tells the whole story. Does it not?

Clearly yellow journalism is afoot … OR is this Reuters’s quiet cry for help? As in “Help the world’s ruling class is twisting our arm to lie to you – please take notice by putting the pieces together.”

Not entirely sure. I’m leaning more towards the former but I do take into consideration this century’s cold war is mainly dealt in misinformation.¬†Anyway – I’m also sending this on over to Reuters and my own representative and demanding no more yellow journalism. No more capitalizing on information. Etc … Because it is the right thing to do.

I suggest you do the same – and if not, at least share the fuck out of this posting. Mmk?
We’ve got to work together and let these asshats know we’re not going to be coddled and lied too.

For your quick emailing reference I put together a short Reuters Company Directory together – since they like to hide their contact info and make it hard for the public to obtain. Have fun kids!

1. Adam Kupperman –
On external directories he is listed as the Vice President. On Reuters’ own site he is listed as: “Senior director of Enterprise Sales for the Tax & Accounting business of Thomson Reuters and oversees Sales and Business Development for the Enterprise market.” Whatever the fuck that means. Just email this suit.

2. Ann Miller –
Public Relations (as listed on Reuters hidden site links)

3. Mary Milliken –
West Coast Bureau Chief (as listed on Reuters hidden site links)

4. Amran Abocar –
Listed on external sites as a “Deputy Editor.” Listed on Reuters’ hidden links as a “journalist.”

5. Nick Wright –
Online Editor/Reporter

6. David Schlesinger –
Editor-in-Chief of Reuters News

7. Kevin Krolicki –
Detroit Bureau Chief (Email him anyway. Reuters intentionally hides it’s contact info – it was a bitch to come up with this list with Kevin on it. He needs to see what his company is up to anyway.)

8. Jeff Mason –
Political Reporter / White House Correspondent

9. Sandrine Bradley –

10. Warren Wilkie –
News Editor

11. Joanna Glasner –
Senior Editor

And last but not least – email your representative:

Or if you’re not in the U.S., then write your Political Ministry etc … (there really should be a centralized site for that too … I have a lot of info on international ministries – maybe I’ll get around to writing up a post on it.)

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