An update to the weird stuff I’ve ingested in Hong Kong and Singapore…


  1. Gong Gong                           13. Something’s heart or kidney on a stick
  2. Dried Squid                           14. Chili Crab
  3. Prawn Fritters                        15. Honey Dew Juice
  4. Peanut Ice Ka-Chan              16. Nasi Lemak
  5. Chendol                                 17. Watermelon Juice
  6. The best ginger tea ever       18. Kaya
  7. Kiwi Juice                              19. Real Coconut Juice
  8. Tom Yum Soup                      20.  Chili HOT Sting Ray
  9. Laksa                                     21.  Rose Badung
  10. Birds Nest Juice                    22. Winter Melon Juice
  11. Koki                                       23. Lychee Juice with Chunks of Lychee
  12. Cane Sugar Juice                  24. Hot Chicken and Rice with Koki
    25. Ice Howak (No fricken idea of what this was and can’t find it online, anywhere)
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