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Seven Facts About Aruba

1. Homes in Aruba don’t have hot water –
the weather here is so favorable that
it’s unnecessary…

Borrowed From Laughing-Loudly-Funny

2. There is a constant trade wind that blows
over the island – **Rarely** there’s a day,
much less half a day, without both breezes
and gusts so a lot of homes in Aruba don’t
have glass windows but instead thick  wooden
“venetians” built into the window frame

Borrowed From Shirla https://www.flickr.com/photos/62861824@N00/5294243963

3. Iguana is protected here – there is still a
“hunt for food” mentality even though there
are plenty of grocers …


 4. The majority of all grocery stores are
owned by the Chinese

Borrowed from http://www.rumanyone.com

5. Aruba is a desert island, they get their
drinking water from the sea

6. There aren’t many laws here and I quote,
“Because the people are so good natured here,
a lot of disputes are worked out between both
parties peacefully.” Here’s a picture of cats.


7. There’s 1 dog per 3 people … look up the
total populous – it means there’s like
30,000 dogs on a 19 mile island.

Borrowed from Conchita020 https://www.flickr.com/photos/conchita020/4697493692/

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