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Big Titties USA Turned My Night Upside-down

Breaking Lulz!!!!

Before I send this over to www.damnyouautocorrect.com I wanted to post it here first. This shit had me laughing out loud for a good 30-minutes. Almost non-stop.

And let me just say a few things:

1. I have never typed anything about “titties,” “tatas,” “boobs,” or anything that great in my phone ever before and –
2. I’m late to the party in that I just learned there is apparently a whole big world of “Sexting” I’m missing out on and –
3. I had just met a couple of cool chicks at the bar downstairs and was texting them “Have a good NIGHT” so we had each other’s numbers …

And this is what happened:



It’s an Android.

Me too.

And that’s about it. The future is amusing some times.

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