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Welcome to the Shit List China & Australia’s Fuel Industry

Earlier this week some Chinese asshole driving a 65,000 ton coal filled barge thought it would be a wise move to drive his freighter into the Great Barrier Reef. Now the barge is stuck, leaking oil into the surrounding pristine waters and destroying one of the few international treasures left in the world.

Thanks China. I love this cheap-ass philosophy of profit over existence. It seems you’ve figured out the quickest means to killing everything living that would be there to pay you your $60 bn contracts. Maybe when no one is alive enough to pay you, you’ll see the error of your ways. Assholes.

Australia, you’re not off the hook either. You’re just lucky no one’s publishing any names to add to the shit list yet.


The Queensland premier, Anna Bligh, has said the ship’s owner, Shenzhen Energy – a subsidiary of the Chinese shipping giant Cosco, which has allegedly been involved in three major international incidents in four years – could face a fine of up to $A1m (£600,000) for straying from a shipping lane that is currently used by some 6,000 cargo vessels each year.

Additional info on the turd buckets: Shenzhen Energy

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