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Unanswered Questions For Occupy

Unanswered Questions for Occupy
By: Whiskey Tango, 2012

This is only commentary, folks.

Updated: As an employed waitress who had been forced to live with Occupy on my doorstep for roughly 60 days, I witnessed an ugly and horrific transformation of what was a strong and peaceful message. From unity and power to delusional malice and utter bullshit, if I had to summarize the whole movement in one sentence it’s this: Occupy was a movement initiated by tender hearted idiots who never expected plants and counterintel.

Looking back at what we mysteriously call “Arab Spring,” there’s a lot of suspicion that movement was yet another cointelpro tool of incited social division. Divided they fall… *shrug*

The original Occupy movement spun out of control at the hands of a pathetic infighting between people with good intent, druggies and addicts, local L.A. gang members operating under a very greedy NFP solar panel “organization,” teenage boys whose balls hadn’t completely dropped … AKA “anarchists,” and a veiled claim of LAPD dropping more of the dregs of society off by the bus loads at the encampment.

That’s a long way of saying living across the street from Occupy was a fucking nightmare that had me asking some questions no one could actually answer.

Thusly …

I can’t seem to get a straight answer for any of these questions related to Occupy:

1. How can I trust a group who chooses general assembly over a democratic voting process?

2. How can I trust a group who says they’re for everyone – but judges, character assassinates, and demonizes viable critquers?

3. How can I trust a group to national change and opinion when they can’t even respect the immediate community?

4. How can I trust a group who says they’re for everyone but slanders rape victims who say they were raped in Occupy camps?

5. How can I trust a group who says they’re for everyone but plants their camps on middle class and lower middle class neighborhoods holding illegal Lollapalooza style concerts? How is that supposed to “stick it to the man?” You’re sticking it to the working class, actually.

6. How can I trust a group who says they’re for everyone but encourages and supports drug use and harbors drug dealers and addicts? My neighborhood’s drug crime rate has dramatically gone up in the last month Occupy moved in across the street.

7. What are you really doing to change the system? How is free rent at the taxpayer’s expense going to change corporate greed? At this point how are you not doing exactly what the corporations are doing?

8. How can I trust a group who says they’re for everyone but abuses the law and twists the meaning of the bill of rights to only benefit one group over another?

9. How can I trust a group who says they’re for everyone but easily and ungratefully forgets how the cities have bent over backwards for you? Our little community was fine with receiving you but you’re abusing the generosity.

10. How can I trust a group who says they’re for everyone but threatens violent retalliaiton if the cities try to regain the public land you’re taxing and the neighborhoods you’re abusing?

How are you actually for the people, again? Honestly.

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