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The “Koch Whore” Deals You Some WTF’ery – Walker Style

So if you missed the prank call of Wisconsin Gov. Walker’s office like I did till just now, then you’re in for an interesting listen. I also suspect Walker had a clue he wasn’t really talking to Koch somewhere towards the beginning because he was sticking more to talking points than an actual flowing conversation. Or maybe partisans really are thoughtless… talking… automatons…

Anyway, talking points aside I’ve learned more about literal mental retardation in the last 20-minutes then I ever possible. I mean, don’t get me wrong – I love to hate on Democrats as much as the next guy but professional Republicans really are a super special, special breed.

There are soooo many things about this conversation that make me cringe. Mainly the fact that apparently these people are really THAT out of touch. I just figured they were all really good overpaid actors trucked in from Sherman Oaks, Beverly Hills, and Bel Air. So other than what I mentioned above, I learned:
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Baby Boomer Boners

Oh I’m sorry Bo(eh)ner … go ahead and finish your thought…. You were saying that the rich a-holes who lied to us about WMD, who are leading another less publicized Vietnam in Afghanistan, who collapsed fair standards in media to … read more

Libertarians are the “New” Scientologists

CT: ugh CT: all gov candidates here suck CT: not any better than illinois i am sure CT: fucking three batshit crazy libertarians CT: one GOP zobie whore CT: and one “Democrat” CT: zombie* F: go with the nutjobs CT: … read more