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Libertarians are the “New” Scientologists

CT: ugh
CT: all gov candidates here suck
CT: not any better than illinois i am sure
CT: fucking three batshit crazy libertarians
CT: one GOP zobie whore
CT: and one “Democrat”
CT: zombie*

F: go with the nutjobs

CT: they’re ALL nuts

F: no i mean the really crazy teabagger types

CT: haha ill go with the no women’s rights – no gay’s rights – no poverty rights – no health care – no budget for public education
CT: no nothing

F: i think of it like electing a crackhead
F: it should be amusing

CT: somewhere down the line someone forgot to explain to these assholes what Democracy is …
CT: fair rights for all
CT: nope
CT: they don’t get it AT ALL

F: i think if they get elected they will do something completely ridiculous
F: or say a bunch of stupid shit
F: thus discrediting themselves, their party, their party’s platform etc etc
F: it will also make life hell for the regular bureaucrats
F: right now they have it easy
F: they can just be anti-everything
F: and rabblerouse
F: but if they get elected and actually have to do anything
F: comedy gold!

CT: >_<

F: theyre more powerful on the outside i think
F: they can protest and hoot and holler

CT: they’re bat-shit crazy – like Kim Jong Iil – is what they are

CT: i love how this makes sense
CT: somehow in their brain
CT: Eliminate
b) Education (K-12)
CT: lol
CT: fer real!
CT: this shit is like
CT: blows my damn mind
F: they dont need no fancy book-learnin

CT: Eliminate
h) Welfare
CT: yep
CT: it’s easy to forget what subgroup of humans you’ve spent 400 years ass raping and forcing poverty down their throats
CT: only like what… 30 or so years after the fact
CT: no sense of social responsibility at all
CT: let me drive the proverbial car of society into a wall drunk and kill a shit ton of people in the process get out and walk home without thinking about it ever again
CT: libertarians are retarded

F: they like guns

CT: well fuck!

F: gotta give em that

CT: I like guns!

F: theyre alright with dope too

CT: haha they’re all right with everything the government hates
CT: if you made breathing air something the government was pro choice on
CT: they’d be all like … “oh fuck no we don’t need to breath air! just because big fucking brother tells us too means it’s the worst thing possible for us!”
CT: the libertarian parties slogan should be: “We are the group of adults who never outgrew our teenage angst. Let’s smoke dope together and hate everything that stands for authority and law in the world maaaan.”
CT: and then Christine ODonnell would come out dressed in leaves and dirt playing a pagan tune on her recorder flute…
CT: and would caste spells of power on all of us

CT: you know the more i think about it – the Libertarians are starting to sound a lot like the Scientologists

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