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Union Busting: A Very Good Question

Reposting from a commentator on the Yahoo news forum in relation to today’s black shroud of Wisconsin… soon to taint the country:


 “And please tell me what justifies giving a Senator a pension for life after 4 years in office?”


Union Busting
by: The Patriot

“It seems that bashing unions at the expense of union workers has become popular and the sport of politicians everywhere, all under the guise of ‘saving taxpayer dollars.’ Yet if it’s truly about saving tax dollars and not merely strong arming union members and taking away their right to collective bargaining, then why hasn’t one politician at the federal, state, county or city level brought up the subject of reducing the salaries, benefits and pensions of all the politicians and appointed high level govt. positions? Some of these same Government leaders greatly contributed to the fiscal collapse we’re all facing, yet lazy and irresponsible voters have rewarded them by keeping them in office.

So what does a Governor, Congressman, Senator or State Senator, HUD Secretary, State Attorney General, District Atty, Tax Collector, Comptroller, Treasury Secretary, Judge, Obama Czar, Education Secretary, City Councilman, Sheriff or Property Appraiser earn, and how much of their pre-agreed upon wages and benefits are we going to be taking from each of them? What about the support staffs of the upper level politicians or how about the Dog Catcher, School Superintendant or Principals and others on taxpayer payrolls – how much do they make? And please tell me what justifies giving a Senator a pension for life after 4 years in office? Pensions which often include free medical care for life! And why are these pensions then passed onto their spouses upon the politicians deaths?

Also, no one has mentioned anything about going after the ‘non-union’ govt. salaries, benefits and pensions – which are very often based on what the union members have negotiated – and sometimes it’s even more – especially when they get to vote for their own raises. Attacking union bosses I suppose I can understand, because some of them act like gangsters on par with the crooked and inept politicians they’ve used union member dues to purchase. But attacking unions as it is being done is mostly hurting the union members and their families who are just trying to get by like everybody else. So if it’s really about saving taxpayer dollars and not merely a veiled attempt at busting unions for big businesses, then let’s go after all of these other groups mentioned here so we can really save taxpayer dollars – and since they’re so vocal on the idea of saving taxpayer money, let’s begin with the wealthy politicians bent on harming union families by cutting away at their negotiated paychecks, pensions and benefits.”

Whoever you are, the Patriot – keep it up.

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