Rants: If You Spend $600 On A Bag, I’ll Kick Your Ass …

F: well i found some really nice luggage
F: but its $$$
F: =/

CT: just go to target and get cheap shit
CT: thats what i did
CT: ;)

F: yea the bag i’m looking at is $180 on Amazon, marked down from $400

CT: damn even $180 is a chunk of change
CT: i mean
CT: it’s going to die as fast as any other luggage

F: in theory it won’t
F: travelpro is what crews use
F: almost exclusively
F: it’s supposed to be very durable
F: and well made

CT: well then
CT: if my cheap bag lasted 7 to 8 years
CT: in theory
CT: youll never have to buy another piece of luggage

F: hehe
F: yea
F: it’s at Macy’s for $400 so I guess I’ll go look at it tomorrow

CT: you’re not going to buy it for $400?!

F: no no
F: i’ll go look at it at macy’s
F: and if i want it, buy it on amzn

CT: i think i would have to sit on your feet
CT: u r forbidden to spend that kind of cash
CT: on luggage

F: this is what married life will be like
F: =P

CT: =)
CT: “ohhh nooo!!!”
CT: “tam’s making me save money”
CT: “ahhhhh!”
CT: but $400 is like wtf stab my face since you can get 8 years out of $30 target shit

F: yeah
F: $400 would still be a bargain for really high end luggage like tumi
F: it all retails for $600+
F: i looked at some of it at nordstrom rack
F: its nice stuff
F: but not $600 nice

CT: …
CT: who ever pays that kind of money for luggage is begging to have someone push them into a brick wall
CT: i would beat someone’s ass
CT: you know there are starving children in the u.s. right?
CT: you just spent $600 on a fucking bag
CT: while people are starving
CT: therefore you get my boot up your ass

F: hehe
F: its supposed to be very high quality and well made, but i dont know

CT: $600 = high quality? high quality at that price better mean when i ask for a martini and a scone that bag better grow some fucking legs and get to mixing and serving me as well as carry my clothes

F: hehe

CT: fer illz

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3 comments on “Rants: If You Spend $600 On A Bag, I’ll Kick Your Ass …

  1. i wish i could watch t&c tv in hd. if there’s ever a movie treatment penned, please let me invest. i vote with, and ‘do or not’ waste with, my $s.

  2. I’m adding this from my FB for hilarity:

    Paul Fear: so you’re saying if it was a $600 bag made out of the starving children you’d be okay with it?

  3. and this too:

    Ryan: I walked into a store looking to buy my wife a bag and the sales clerk smiled brightly at me and pointed me to the “half-off” bags. They were only $1,500

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