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Baby Boomer Boners

Oh I’m sorry Bo(eh)ner … go ahead and finish your thought….

You were saying that the rich a-holes who lied to us about WMD, who are leading another less publicized Vietnam in Afghanistan, who collapsed fair standards in media to squash dissent, the people who sent all the jobs overseas & keep their billions in Swiss Bank Accounts & got us into the Goldman Sachs mimicking Enron sort of economic slaughter deserve a tax break?

By all means …

Seriously wtf Ohio … Baby Boomers? Howdy Doody is dead and no one cares.

It’s just the bee’s knees having the “white male with a 50’s sense of Manifest Destiny” mentality isn’t it?

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The Stigma

Nobody wants to say outright that victims of domestic violence are socially shameful and completely unacceptable, but the conviction is still there. Having your personal growth and perception of the world twisted like a rag at the hands of a sociopath is a popular taboo. It’s a stigma by which victims live with every single day of their lives. But this is the sort of thing we just don’t talk about at the dinner table read more