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Outsourcing the Outlook

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Outsourcing the Outlook By: Tamara, 2004 No matter which way this year’s popular opinion swings, outsourcing stands constant on the shoulders of American’s unemployment woes. This year’s presidential candidacy has galvanized a prominently ignored issue putting it front and center … read more

Employment Status for Women and Minorities in Illinois


Employment Status for Women and Minorities in Illinois By: Tam, 2004 Illinois residents hope for a more favorable employment rate as this year’s presidential election shifts into high gear. As the job market limps along, minorities and woman continue to get hit the … read more

Representing Chicago’s First Black Mayor

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Representing Chicago’s First Black Mayor By: Tam, 2005 Americans identify with Chicago as the city of giant shoulders and not so modestly, the city that works. Naturally, like any other prominent metropolitan area, a majority of Chicago was built on … read more

Body Worlds, Chicago

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Body Worlds, Chicago By: Tam, 2005 Bones, ligaments, hearts and lungs, are all exposed for your personal inspection at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry. Plastinated human remains, which were voluntarily donated to this scientific cause, sit perfectly preserved on … read more

Answering the Origins of Capitalism

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Answering the Origins of Capitalism By: Tamara, 2009 (Updated 2014) Answering an anonymous praise for capitalism. Q: “Since the origins of modern capitalism c. 1780, more than two-thirds of the world’s population has overcome poverty. In China and India, more … read more

The “Go Vote” Rant

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The “Go Vote” Rant By: Whiskey Tango, 2013 ::Here’s your disclaimer. If you don’t like “potty language,” it’s probably time to become an adult. If that hasn’t happened yet the you should avoid a very poignant piece on why you … read more

Unanswered Questions For Occupy


Unanswered Questions for Occupy By: Whiskey Tango, 2012 This is only commentary, folks. Updated: As an employed waitress who had been forced to live with Occupy on my doorstep for roughly 60 days, I witnessed an ugly and horrific transformation of what was … read more