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The Stigma


Nobody wants to say outright that victims of domestic violence are socially shameful and completely unacceptable, but the conviction is still there. Having your personal growth and perception of the world twisted like a rag at the hands of a sociopath is a popular taboo. It’s a stigma by which victims live with every single day of their lives. But this is the sort of thing we just don’t talk about at the dinner table read more

Opportune Take What’s Not Yours Day!


The First Americans The Grand Council Fire of American Indians December 1, 1927 To the mayor of Chicago: You tell all white men “America First.” We believe in that. We are the only ones, truly, that are one hundred percent. We … read more

Economic Darwinism? Really?

FSM of Walmart

I wonder what Darwin and Thornstein Veblen would have to say on this topic of “Economic Darwinism.” I had someone say they favor Wal-Mart because it represents “Economic Darwinism” which got me thinking about wtf this even means. Here’s my … read more

Welcome to the Shit List China & Australia’s Fuel Industry


Earlier this week some Chinese asshole driving a 65,000 ton coal filled barge thought it would be a wise move to drive his freighter into the Great Barrier Reef. Now the barge is stuck, leaking oil into the surrounding pristine waters … read more

Examining Arne

Oh Arne

After working with Arne and his staff pre-Obama, I have to say he was my least favorite person to be chosen to head up the Nation’s Education. When Arne left the Chicago schools were just barely staying afloat. Now that … read more